We went to the vet last Friday and Kally weights 1lb 7oz.  I will send pictures later, she looks so bad now and will not let me brush her LOL,  Dr Mark said she had found her attitude, she has done that.  she has learned to climb up the front stairs and get in the front door, it is so cute.  She has gotten a little longer but not much.  She and Keegan get outside and just run as fast as they can go,  Kally gets in this full run her ears are flying in the wind.
Everyone that sees Kally wants her, she is the star of every meeting  LOL.
She is so much fun.

Sherry, Keegan and Kally
Springdale, AR
Keegan is another one of my babies!!

    Chopper is just wonderful. Since we got Mia I have always kept a paper by the door that goes out to the little fenced yard.   We put Chopper on it when we brought him home and he is already going to it by himself. We can hardly believe it.
He comes running when you call his name. He is just a doll baby.   He has just fit right in.  We couldn't be more happy.
    Thanks for allowing us to come see Chopper as he was growing up and also for sending photos.  I am going to make a scrap-book of Chopper with them.
Steve and Carolyn Panger,
Amarillo, Texas
        My new precious baby's name is Sadie and I am so glad I found her.  She has filled a great void in my house and in my heart. She is absolutely the sweetest.  She has a great disposition.  One thing I really like about her is that she is often content just sitting in my lap and allowing me to snuggle with her.  She sleeps when she should and she plays when she wakes.  Just watching her play brightens my day.  She brings much laughter into the house. She is full of energy and is very lovable.  She makes friends with everyone she comes in contact with.  Although she is just under 2 lbs, she thinks she is ferocious when she growls and barks. 
     I would recommend your puppies to anyone who wants a puppy that has been very well taken care of.  My vet said that she is very healthy and he can tell she came from a caring breeder.  You went out of your way to get her to me safely and I thank you for caring enough to do that.
San Antonio, Texas


IT is so great to hear from you!!! I am happy to hear you and your husband had such a great time in my home city!!!!  The subway is always a great conversation piece!!
I want to thank you SO VERY MUCH for Louie.  He is such a great puppy!  He makes me so happy.  I can't believe how smart he is! You guys are really great and EVERYONE knows he came from a family that is truely special.  All my friends and family were dieing to know where i got my cute, cuddley dog from and I tell them you and how awesome you guys were!  When I took him to the vet she had nothing but great things to say, not to mention how healthy he is!  She also couldn't believe all the wonderful things you did for him to make sure he had a safe ride home to me.  I am so happy and thrilled that I found you and your husband and want to thank you again for such a beautiful PUPPY!
Once I figure out how to send pictures, I will be sure to do so!!

Thanx Pam!!
Nicole from Boston

Thanks so much for the pictures.  He is growing and getting prettier!! 
I  think we will name him Kiwi.  It's different and cute.
I really appreciate the pictures and videos. It makes me feel a part of his life.
Love,  Darla
Tulia, Texas

Just want you to know this little fellow is something. Mallorie played with him and slept with him ALL day yesterday.  She had to go to a church party last night down at WT and I was ready to go to bed at 9:30 and did not know what in the world I was going to do with him. Yes, we have a new cage but I just hate cages, they seem so cruel.  Any way I fixed up the bathroom for him. Got his blanket and put it on a pillow and told him nighty night. He never uttered a SOUND. Mal came in about 12:30 went in where he was and got ready for bed and still nothing from him. He slept all night.  When my husband got up at 6:30 to get ready for work he started crying. I got up and took him outside and he has been going full force all morning. Eating good, drinking lots of water.playing and sleeping. Sorry to say he does not even seem to miss you all.  LOL- I am sure he does. At this time we are calling him "Archie".   I want to THANK YOU again for being so kind to us.  Letting us come into your home to visit the baby and for all the goodies you sent home with us. It was so nice of you and I certainly did not expect it.  I would certainly recommend you to everyone that is looking for a poodle puppy.  YOU ARE GREAT !!!  I will certainly keep in touch with you and let you know how he does. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!        Sue

Sue from Amarillo, Texas
    I sold three puppies to Lance and Laura Alworth in California.  My husband and I delivered the puppies to their home and they invited us to spend the afternoon with them. 
While we were there visiting and playing with the puppies, My husband Jim was off visiting with Lance and during their visit found out that Lance was a Hall Of Fame football player . (He played for the San Diego Chargers, #19) 
I had no idea the whole time we were there.  It wouldn't of mattered if I did.  Lance and Laura are the nicest down to earth people that love poodles as much as I do!!
This photo was taken while we were there and the cute little boy is Nemo their grandson!!
Laura is holding their big baby and Harley (gift for a friend) Lance is holding Love Bug (now 5lbs.) and Nemo is holding Little Miss Hooter. (now just under 3lbs.)  They all are happy puppies!!
For more on Lance Alworth click here!!
Dear Pam,

This has been an incredible experience for our family!!  Our little guy has melted all of our hearts!  He passed his Veterinary visit with flying colors and by the way, I put the signed contract in the mail today. 

I can't believe that I waited 52 years to own a pet but he was worth the wait!!  He has been visited by at least 25 teenage girls already.

Cleavland, Ohio

Dear Pam,

My new baby is named Beau Francis!  I just cannot believe the joy that he has brought our family.  My four daughters have spoiled him so much.  He recently traveled to the University of Michigan to see my daughter and was a complete show stopper as he paraded around campus with his University t-shirt on!

As you know this is our first pet and my first dog in 52 years and my husband said, "I can't believe we didn't do this years ago!"

I will get pictures to you soon--I have taken about 1,000 of him including several with my daughter's Senior Prom group.

Thank you, thank you for what you do--it brings much joy!


Cleavland, Ohio        5/31/10
Sorry we have not written.  Keegan had her 12 week check-up and shots.  Dr. Mark said "you finally have a great puppy she is perfect in every way." 

Keegan looks like a fur ball right now, I can not have her groomed until next Wednesday, I think she has lost weight because all she does is run and jump.  She keeps me laughing all the time.  I forgot to tell you the potty training has gone great, I take her out a lot and she does her business every time.  She loves to play with grass and the clover flowers it is just hard to keep her from eating them.
Glad to hear you went to Kansas City that is a neat place to visit.
Tell Jim thanks for saying I was a right person for Keegan she is so much company for me. 
I also wanted to thank you for the Travel bag that is my favorite color so when we fly she will be in style.

Pam, it has been a blessing having Keegan, we do everything together that we can. When she meets new people she will look them over before she goes to them, I'm so glad she is that way.
I can not thank you enough for letting me have her, she is the joy in my life. 
Thank you again,
Sherry & Keegan
Springdale, AR

Here is Miss Arianna.  I absolutely love her!  She is growing so much LOL!  She's a bundle of joy! Very hyper lil girl, she loves playing with other dogs an teasing them.  I wouldn't trade her for anything. LOL
Thank you!
Smitten couldn't be more loved!  She ate beautifully when we arrived home and drank lots of water.  Had a fantastic time romping in the backyard grass and has gone potty outside three times.  What a good girl!  She had her Nutri-cal and treats with more water before snuggling up with Carson and Channing.  We are so happy to finally have her and just can't thank you enough!  Her little bag full of surprises is the cutest thing ever!  Thank You!!
Smitten comes with us to run errands and everyone that sees her goes crazy.  She is eating great.  Hasn't cried once but she hasn't had a chance to. :)
Everything checked out great at the vet!  He said she's doing very well and we go back in three weeks for her third set of shots.
She is precious and we
love, love, love her!!

            Channing and Smitten!!!!
Chewie is doing great!  Here is a photo of his new haircut!
Jaycee Loves Him!
Amarilo, TX

Thank you so much for our Chanel!!  You have gone above and beyond our expectations!!!
Everything about her is perfect!!!
She never cried when we came home and she is full of personality!!!  She is a doll!  Cute...Cute....!
Thanks again for our precious baby!!!!

Kim Price,
Pampa, TX.
Kim Price and grand-daughter Ella
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