I hope you enjoy looking at my new arrivals, below you will find some  information that you will need to know if you are considering one of my beautiful babies.  Be sure to come back often to view up-dated photos of the puppie My vet, Dr. David Faulkner, owns Hope Vet here in Amarillo, TX.  He gives my dogs health checks,     shots, wormed, docks their tails and dew claws and what ever else my dogs need.  I do none of thismyself. So it is all done professionally.

My puppies do not come micro-chipped. It is best that you do this when you buy them.
My puppies come with a health certificate or health document showing that he/she has been examined by a vet and proved to be in good health.  He/she also comes with a 72 hour health guarantee, which is signed when you receive your puppy.  Also signed receipts that puppy has been paid in full.  He/she also comes with their registration papers (AKC or CKC). 

Puppies also come with his/her favorite toys, blanket, and a stuffed animal that has their momma's and sibling's scent on them to help with the transition.  I also include a small bag of their puppy food and nutri-cal (to help prevent hypoglycemia (low-blood sugar) to give your new baby, morning, noon and night until you are sure he/she is eating well. 

Also don't forget that you will get to experience your new baby growing up through photos and short videos.  (or via web-cam!)

Shipping will be considered.   I also will personally bring your puppy to you for a reasonable fee. Just let me know where you are located.

I require a $300.00 (non- refundable) deposit to hold a puppy which comes off of the total price of the puppy. Total price of puppy is due when puppy is 8 weeks old. Traveling cost is due when puppy is delivered. 

Let me know if you are interested. And if you would like more photos and videos or if you have more questions.
Pam      (806-231-3453) call or text
This page was last updated: 4/10/2018
                       72 hour Health Guarantee
      Puppy must be taken to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase. If deemed to be unhealthy,
full purchase price will be refunded or puppy will be replaced by another puppy of comparable value, at the 
option of the purchaser. (The seller reserves the right to postpone the replacement of a puppy for any reason.)
     Puppy must be returned within 72 hours of purchase and must be accompanied by all paperwork
supplied by seller at time of sale, and a written statement from the veterinarian clearly stating illness. 
     Sick puppies may not be returned to the seller's home! It is the responsibility of the purchaser to 
contact the seller to arrange another place to meet. (This is to prevent healthy puppies from becoming ill.) 
Seller would never knowingly sell a sick puppy and purchaser agrees that seller could not have been
aware of any illness unable to be detected by a licensed veterinarian.  If a puppy is found to have a health 
problem at it's initial veterinary visit and purchaser opts to treat this puppy instead of exchanging it for 
another puppy or returning it for a refund,  seller is not responsible for any expenses incurred or for the
death of the puppy, and no refunds or replacements will be made, nor will any credits be issued. 
     After 72 hours, all sales are final and no money will be refunded for any reason.
      Buyer is responsible for all transportation cost. 
     Animals that have been injured are not guaranteed.  Size and color are not guaranteed. Hypoglycemia is not guaranteed, Hernias are not guaranteed.  Testicles are not guaranteed.

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$300 non-refundable deposit will hold a puppy for you.

Check out Parents page for info on parents.

I can send videos or photos with my I-Phone!!
Just text or e-mail.

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If your poodle that you have purchased from me should die because of a genetic disorder, within the first year of purchase, then I will replace your poodle with the next available poodle of comparable value!!   (licensed veterinarian documents, clearly stating cause of death, required)
 No money will be refunded for any reason. 

My poodles also come with health guarantees!!  72 hour health guarantee and a 1 year genetic health guarantee!
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                                                                    Boys versus Girls

Did you know that poodles are one of the top smartest breeds.  Boy poodles are not like your average small breeds.  They are very smart and can easily be trained to go outside and not to mark inside.
Also a male poodle will bond with you even more so than a female will.  (especially if you get him neutered)
So unless you just love all the little girl outfits out there,  (they are coming out with the cutest boy outfits!)  If it is the bond you want between you and your baby.  A little boy poodle would  be the one for you!

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expected adult weight 4 to 5 lbs.
parents:  Fancy/Ace
Feb. 13 2018
Male: On     HOLD
expected adult weight 6 to 7 lbs.
Parents: Fancy/Ace
born: June 16th. 2017


expected adult weight 5 to 6 lbs.
Parents: Fancy/Ace
born: June 16th. 2017
check out his video on my facebook page.