My females usually only have two puppies in each litter.
Roxie Charnesky  (female)
Phantom (black with cream markings)
CKC Registered
4 lbs.  7" tall    Teacup

Roxie is a real sweet heart.  If she's not playing with the others then she's laying in your lap or enjoying the sunshine by the windows.  She loves her babies and is a great mommy!
Dolly Charnesky     (female)
Black and white Parti
CKC registered
6 lbs. 9 1/2" tall  TOY

Dolly's Mom, Dad and siblings were all black and white partis.  She has a real sweet personality and is happy playing with all the other poodles in the house or just sitting in your lap.  She is also very smart and easy to train. She LOVES children!!  She has a teacup dad and tiny toy mom and only has two puppies a litter. Her puppies average 3 to 5 lbs.
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Skypetsnpoodles Ace Of Diamonds.   He is my purse baby and loves to go everywhere I go!!
He comes from VELVET TOUCH's diamond line. (his dad, Pave, 2 lbs., is her personal baby. His mom is her Peppermint Patty, 3 lbs., His grand parents were also teacups.)
ACE of Diamonds (MALE)
White (with light cream markings)
AKC/CKC registered
3 lbs. 
6 inches tall  (Teacup)

Parents Page (My personal babies)
Fancy Chocolate Diamond
Brown (white markings)
AKC registered
5 lbs. 
7 inches tall

Fancy is the sweetest poodle! She loves to race around the house and then come snuggle in your lap.  She is a big hit with my grand kids because she loves all their attention.
She has a teacup dad and a tiny toy mom.